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What Makes Prefabricated or Moulded Shower Different from Traditional Shower Systems?

What is a moulded shower stall? Sometimes referred to as prefabricated shower stalls, these interesting bathroom installations offer homeowners a fully functional shower stall. They are completely different from the time-consuming traditional method of constructing a tiled shower from zero.

The term “prefab” shower alludes to a shower stall that was manufactured off-site, in a remote factory. They are brought to your doorstep for installation. These installations require only minor assembly and it’s good to go. 

Aside from removing trash out from the equation, this approach, the use of prefabricated shower stalls, makes mounting/putting up your shower area complete in a matter of hours, rather than the several days typical for tailoring a traditional shower stall unit.

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For this type of installation, homeowners can choose from any of the following types: 

Interlocking Multi-Piece Units: A Do-It-Ideal Yourselfer’s Guide

This is the most common and easiest to install form of prefabricated shower system. It is made up of numerous solid or acrylic surface components that fit with each other to make a unified piece. Typically, a full package of this kind would include a bathtub or shower pan, one bigger back piece, 2 distinct side parts, and customizable front doors.

Single-Piece Units: Professional Installation Only

Prefabricated or pre-engineered showers made of a single piece are typically more expensive and more challenging to transport and install. The shower stall’s top section is a single moulded section. 

The single-piece systems provide fewer opportunities for mould and mildew to develop and are more structurally sound. Even so-called one-piece units are not actually one-piece because the door is a separate component. Moreover, what seems to be a single-piece item is actually a collection of discrete components neatly welded together in the production facility.

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You can reach out to a bathroom renovation firm to help you set up these one-piece shower systems. One thing to consider is whether your home’s entrance doors are big and spacious enough to accommodate a single-piece type of moulded shower unit. This is a common issue in far too many older homes due to their narrower entrances.

Shower/Tub Wall Kit 

The shower/tub wall kit type comes in 3 pieces: there is 1 back panel and 2 side panels. The best thing about this product has something to do with the ledges and soap dishes. They are actually moulded right into the plastic, taking away the need to integrate these extras. As for the back panel, it usually comes as a solid piece, not an adjustable panel.

Wrapping Up!

Historically, prefab shower stalls were despised as inexpensive, unsightly, and were only seen as a temporary alternative to the more conventional process of tiling a shower from scratch. 

However, as materials and moulding processes improve, prefabs are making their way into relatively high-end homes. Nevertheless, homeowners should evaluate the advantages of a precast or moulded shower against a tiled shower. Those who have opted for it can attest that it delivers better value than the traditional construction of shower spaces.