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The Benefits of Using a Vacuum Packaging Machine in Your Business

Integrating the use of vacuum packaging machine in a manufacturing firm’s packing team is a cost-effective, efficient and easy way to package a wide spectrum of products. It can be used both in residential and commercial applications with the purpose of preserving  highly perishable food items. 

Technically speaking, we consider this type of product packing as another way to do “modified atmosphere packaging” or MAP. This is a type of packaging a product that involves altering the air surrounding the item from the external atmosphere.  

Startup Vacuum Packaging Requirements

Vacuum packaging machines have varying market prices and requirements, and these are often based on machine sizes and the production levels one can expect from each one of them. Determining product sizes and projected production levels first before purchasing a unit will eventually save you and your company from frustration when big expectations remain unmet.

Another important thing to look into here first is the option to use a gas flush. What does a gas flush do? Its basic function is to inject an inert gas into your sealed package, and by this measure, it is expected to significantly help in extending the shelf life of your sealed product. 

The next thing to look out for after determining the proper sealer to have is the accompanying vacuum sealer bag you should use for it. Before heading out for the perfect vacuum sealing bag to use, know that there is a sundry of choices in the market. 

Vacuum sealing bags usually come in various sizes and offer multiple options, too. The use of the right kind of vacuum bag is important because this will help ensure that you are going to have sleek and professional packaging.  

Why Use Vacuum Sealing for Your Highly Perishable Food Items? 

Increased Shelf Life

Knowing what the ideal atmosphere your packaged item should have and aiming to provide it is the key to extending its shelf life. Sometimes introducing an inert gas will work for this purpose or by reducing oxygen to ideal levels (which helps in mitigating bacterial or fungal growth). 

Vacuum packaging machines are also ubiquitous pieces of equipment in manufacturing plants, particularly in those plants that are involved in the production of items that require long term freezer storage. The underlying reason why such a widespread use for vacuum sealers in this manufacturing industry, especially in the meat production business is that vacuum sealing lowers the possibility of having freezer burns.

Reduced Product Loss 

Increased shelf life for highly perishable food items is inversely proportional to the lowering of product loss rates for food manufacturing companies. By virtue of reduced product loss rates, the companies expected bottom lines increases.  

Seals in Flavors 

Aging wet meat before it is processed is a widely used form of curing meat. This process involves the use of the meat’s very own juices in curing it, with the help of select flavors and spices, all vacuum sealed together to help in locking in flavors directly to the meat during the curing process.  

Enhanced Product Presentation

Vacuum sealing bags available in the market today are crystal clear. This allows you to display your vacuum-sealed items on shelves. It is considered by industry experts as among the most cost-effective packaging solution, using makes your highly perishable product offerings shelf-ready. The application of a custom-designed sticker may well serve as your product label.